A very good and simple encoder with settings specifically oriented towards Apple products.


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License: Free (Open source)
Review & Alternatives: Best Free Video Encoder

Pros & Cons:

Cross-platform, simple, good presets (especially for Apple products), complete features, very clean interface, easy to encode DVDs directly from optical disk.
No preview window in Windows, some presets resulting in slow encodes, limited input and output formats, some missing functions (trimming...)

Our Review:

HandBrake is the favorite choice of Mac users, but the Windows version is not as good. Still, it is a very good encoder and it is simple.

The Windows version does not have a preview window so it is difficult to find out whether your video needs deinterlacing or not. There are no detection tools, but the settings are good, and specifically oriented towards Apple products such as iPhone, apple TV or others.

It is easy to convert directly from the DVD (although you need some on-the-fly decryption freeware, like DVD43 or dvdfab passkey), but its presets are not as fast as StaxRip. Windows users can use VidCoder, a GUI based on HandBrake that provides a preview window.


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HandBrake was reviewed by on based on version 0.9.9.