Guides and Tips for Using Four Popular Free Applications


There are certain free applications that are especially popular and I have collected some links to articles that give guides and tips for making better use of four of them. Here is information that I think you will find helpful for using some of your favorite freeware.

1. VLC Media Player

VLC is one of Gizmo’s top-rated media players and is widely used. But it has a lot of functions that you may not be aware of. Learn more about VLC from this article at the How-To Geek:
   10 Useful Features Hidden in VLC, The Swiss Army Knife of Media Players

2. Paint.NET

Paint.NET (not to be confused with the Windows app called Paint) is a free but quite powerful image editor. It can be made even more powerful with the plug-ins that are available. Find out about the versatility of this program from these two articles at MakeUseOf.

3. Notepad++

One of the most popular and versatile text editors is Notepad++. It has a multitude of features and it is easy to overlook many of them. Here are some links to help you take full advantage of all the functions and plug-ins packed into this excellent free program.

4. NoScript Extension for Firefox

Firefox is a very popular browser and one of its most popular extensions is NoScript. But not everybody knows all the ins and outs of this important aid to safer web viewing. Here are two places to learn how to make expert use of Firefox and NoScript.

And there you have it - how to make better use of some favorite freeware.

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Sure wish there was a how-to on using all the features in the VLC - it's a great program, yet I'm confused on many of its possible features.

Excellent article as ever from Vic, and particular thanks for flagging up the work done by MakeUseOf, a website I tend to worry about because though it's outstanding, I can't see how it can ever be properly monetized. Still, I can't see how that might have anything to do with the difficulty I'm having of pdfing the MUO articles referred to: the GHacks articles save just fine as PDFs, exactly as when previewed, but the MakeUseOf articles preview with page 1 only and blank pages thereafter. Or maybe I don't have Bullzip configured properly. (Or perhaps I've grown overly used to downloading from MUO their pdf 'booklets'.) Kudos to Vic -- again!

Excellent NoScript FAQs article there, thanks for posting it! I've used this add on for years and never read that before :-D

Can't seem to make VLC function as a screen recorder yet but I expect I'll work it out.