A media collection manager that's more thoroughly programmed with good features and presentation.


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License: Free (Open source)
Website: Griffith
Review & Alternatives: Best Free DVD Collection Software

Pros & Cons:

Fast, simple, stable, multi-platform, well programmed.
Supports only IMDB and Amazon, no statistics, no media info.

Our Review:

Griffith - It is quite difficult to say whether I prefer PVD or Griffith. The latter is equally quick-to-learn, simple and presents a very effective interface. I can clearly say though that Griffith seems to be more thoroughly programmed, features as well as presentation. Even on my Vista with a 1920 resolution each element display perfectly, no overlapping, no font issues and perfect resizing.

Adding a movie is as easy as in PVD, however, Griffith only supports IMDB and Amazon as the online sources for information and artwork. Click New, type in the title, download info from IMDB, save and add a cover from Amazon in a second step - done.

Griffith offers an import (CSV) and export (CSV, HTML, PDF, XML, iPod) interface. Griffith is fast as well and if you just want to keep basic track of your movies and don't spend much time on learning and using a tool, Griffith is the one to try.

Griffith does not offer input of extended media information (like casing, etc) and I missed some statistics as well. But Griffith allows to keep track of your loaned DVDs which is a nice but also common feature for this area. A custom properties (dictionary) and tagging function is also handy when you want to filter by your own individual criteria. Griffith is available for multiple platforms and is actively maintained and developed further.

Griffith was reviewed by on based on version 0.12.1.