Boost Battery Saving By Putting Idle Apps into Hibernation


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Save battery juice by hibernating background apps
System apps not supported in the free version

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In multitasking, Android system allows apps to run in the background when you leave them. These background apps do not always stop running even if you've closed recently used apps and they may drain battery juice.

To deal with them, Android system has its own way to stop them from running when a device is running out of memory or resources. But taking a step further, Greenify helps put idles apps into hibernation, or in its term greenify, and effectively boost battery saving to a certain degree.

Getting this to work, Greenify is powered up with an App Analyzer to detect apps that are running in the background, hibernated, or may slow down the device when certain events happen.


How to Use Greenify

With Greenify, you can easily hibernate apps that are pending manual hibernation—long tap an item on the list and tap others to multi select, then press the “Zzz” icon, or select “Put into hibernation now” from the context menu. This will force stop the apps running in the background.

For ease of hibernating apps right from the homescreen, you can also add a hibernation shortcut from the menu.

To add more apps to the list for monitoring hibernation, press the “+” sign on top of the Greenify’s main interface and multi select the apps on the list, then tap the “v” icon to confirm. On the main interface, you can also remove apps from monitoring—long press an item and tap others to multi select from the list, then press the “-” sign. After de-greenifying, launch an app for its background processes to work when necessary.


Automated Hibernation

Besides manual hibernation, you can also enable automated hibernation via app settings, which requires you to turn on accessibility service for automated hibernation to work and allow Greenify to act as device administrator in order to turn off the screen after automated hibernation.

When this feature is enabled, Greenify will list background apps that will hibernate in minutes after the screen goes off. This saves your time in performing manual hibernation.


Greenify System Apps

Most features of Greenify are available for free and sufficient for most average users, but greenifying system apps is an advanced and paid-for feature made available in a donation package. Though it can be used to hibernate system apps, but it does have technical limitation in which hibernated system apps may not always stay in hibernation as non-system apps do.


Do You Need Greenify?

Hibernating or force stopping apps from running in the background is useful provided you have installed many apps on your device and need to stop some misbehaving apps or those less frequently used apps to conserve battery power.

Greenifying frequently used apps may not be a good choice since a stopped app has to restart from scratch and it may take more time and consume more resources to load than a background app does.


Uninstall Greenify

If you have set Greenify as device administrator for it to turn off the screen after automated hibernation, you will need to disable this setting before you uninstall this app. To disable this setting, go to Settings > Lock Screen and Security > Other security settings > Device Administrators, and uncheck Greenify as device administrator. (Note: The path to Device Administrators may vary depending on your device model.)


Greenify - Boost Battery Saving By Putting Idle Apps into Hibernation

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This is a very confusing app to set up. There are so many ifs, ands, and buts, and precautions, I'm afraid to use it.