Great Free Program Backs Up Your Gmail To Your PC


While cloud-based email systems like Gmail are very handy, it's also sensible to keep a copy of your mailbox on your local PC for safety and security. In fact, it's a good idea to ensure that all your cloud-based services are backed up to your own computer, to avoid forgetting where each type of information is stored.

In the case of Gmail, here's a really handy program for Windows which will back up your entire mailbox to your PC. Each message is stored as a separate text file, so you can retrieve or search them should you lose access to your Gmail account.

The program is from UpSafe and it's called Free Gmail Backup. It's a 6 MB download from that should work on all recent versions of Windows. The program is malware-free according to VirusTotal and Web of Trust. By default, the program buries your backups in your AppData folder. If you'd prefer them to be somewhere else, such as your desktop, make sure you change the data destination before you run a backup. It's all on the options menu.


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I always have misgivings when I see grammar that slightly off on the main page of anything. This one is loaded with "phraseology" that is reminiscent of oversea products with a poor reputation. Is it just me??

This is not working for me. Took over an hour and then failed. Tried again and it only took down the 5 new msgs. Tried to change to another gmail address and it won't let me. I have 5. Google backup didn't work either. Gmvault didn't work. I have Win 8.1 and usually don't have any trouble with software - not a newbie - but I'm stumped!!

Another solution is to run Mozilla Thunderbird regularly and let it store your Gmails on your computer automatically.

Or use any other email client that supports IMAP which is the protocol used by Gmail. The list of free software, sorted alphabetically, includes:

  • eM Desk
  • Foxmail
  • Geary (Linux-only)
  • Gmail by Pokki
  • M2 Mail Client
  • Windows 8/10 Mail app
  • Windows Live Mail

See Best Free Email Software for more info on some of those programs. Note that some are for home use only but there are commercial options.

A better solution may simply be to head to Google's own download page:

Choose Gmail and whatever else you want to download, and it will create an archive for you.

Just to add: The download provided by Google is a zipped archive containing the mail in mbox format, which can be imported into practically any mail program.

This is a great solution! Backup / restore / viewing and free! Cannot get better.

Apparently it can restore to Gmail. Watch the video on their web site. I haven't tried it but I'm anxious to here from anyone who has. Are they associated with Google? There's no 'About' on the web site.

I have not tried this one but I did try a similar one. The problems I had was it took ages to backup my gmail accounts and it kept bombing out. With cloud base it is more set and forget.



Can it restore the backup back to GMail?