Great Big Story: Micro Documentaries From Around The World


Great Big Story logoStories from over 80 countries, told through the lens of micro documentaries.

The Great Big Story makes the world a little bit smaller by bringing overlooked, unexpected, and amazing stories from over 80 countries through documentaries that range in length from brief (less than two minutes) to short films.

The site has a new story each day, and the videos in each section offer a wide selection to choose from. Videos are divided into sections: Planet Earth, Flavors, Origins, Frontiers, and Human Condition. There's also a 'Playlists' section where you'll find videos in categories like Great Big Historias, Funk Plus One, Beyond Paradise, Eyes on Africa and the history of video games.
The quality of the documentaries is high and the cinematography is outstanding, from the less than two minute micro documentaries to the 30 plus short films.
The stories themselves are engaging and strike a good balance between having enough information to keep you engaged if you're a detail kind of person and light and short enough if you just want to be entertained.
Most (but not all) videos are narrated in English, with English sub-titles where other languages are used. The documentaries ads that you can click to remove..

My recent venture to the site found plenty of topics of interest, from a brief history of the doughnut box, building the world's largest telescope, Alaskan bell ringers, an Everest climb, the oldest pub in the world, street artists, life in space, the warriors of Hula, and more.

You can view all these on the website, on the Big Story YouTube channel (which has more categories for the films) and there are apps for Android and iOS for mobile viewing.

Great Big Story

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