Great Advice If You're Choosing Antivirus Software


AV Comparatives imageAnti-Virus Comparatives is one of the world's most respected testers of antivirus software.  They publish details of their evaluations on a regular basis, which go into great detail about how the leading products performed when spotting malware and producing false positives.  

If you're thinking about changing your antivirus product, look no further than for the latest report.  It's a great place to start drawing up your short list of candidates, before perhaps trying 2 or 3 different products to see which one you actually prefer to use.

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Hmmmm. I usually go to Gizmo's Freeware and use the program they recommend. Better than reading a ten page report.

Minus one star for not having a comprehensive list of all leading AV apps - such as Norton/Symantec.

This is surely a joke. Norton is only a leading brand because it is promoted heavily to make money, but this doesn't make it a leading product. Norton was removed from the AV Comparatives tests because they refused to take part in the same tests as other vendors. Despite this, AV Comparatives did include them in the next round of tests and surprise, surprise they came last! You can download the test results as a PDF file from AVC if you Google for it. Just goes to show that "we are the best and will protect you from everything" claims hold about as much water as a bucket full of holes. Free products such as Panda and Qihoo 360 will easily outperform this and many other paid products. MC - Site Manager.

Very true. Norton absolutely sux blood out of machine. There a various others even freewares much better than Norton/Symantec.

Very handy - thanks.