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Ginger Page iconGinger PageIt is quite common that a spell checker will not pick up anything wrong from the following sentences:

I love this mobile app for it’s nifty features. It works better then most competing apps.

as the words “it’s” and “then” are spelt correctly even though contextually they are wrong.

To help cook them right while you type on the go, grab this app Ginger Page, which is a simple and capable text editor that not only checks spelling but also grammar and punctuation mistakes.

Putting a feather in its cap, Ginger Page has a rephraser as well to discover alternative ways to write your text. Once you finish a sentence, tap the feather icon at the top of the editor and it offers you a list of alternative word choices and sentence structures for clearer reading.

When you’re done with your text in the editor, you can conveniently copy your result to the clipboard, tap the Share icon to export your text via a third party app like email or Facebook, or save it as a text file to a cloud service such as Google Drive or Dropbox.

Aside from the above, you get some bonus features from a slide-out menu. These include synonyms, word definitions, a translator and Phrase of the Day, all built into this app at a price of zero.

The Android version of this app doubles up as a keyboard app. When this function is enabled, you are able to check from everywhere you type without opening up the Ginger Page editor itself. But the iOS version designed for both iPhone and iPad does not own a keyboard function, not until the new iOS 8 is launched to allow for third party keyboard apps for the first time.


Ginger Page — Free Mobile App of the Week

For Android
Size: 23 MB

For iPhone and iPad
Size: 26.1 MB


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I guess I will be getting this app soon. Not for anything but unintentionally, my grammar must be checked once in awhile. But I need a similar one for my email account as well.

This app will lock up whatever you are doing until you chose to upgrade. Therefore, the only option is to shut down the program you're in and lose all your work.

Works great on iPhone and PC. Anyone able to get it to run in Firefox/firefox gmail?

this editor looks terrific. is there anything like it for my email account?