Grab The Best Price On Amazon, With The Camel


Camel Amazon price check serviceIn programming, there's something known as Camel Case. This Is Where Each Word Is Capitalised. The up-and-down action is said to vaguely resemble the hump(s) of a camel, hence the name.

Which is presumably also the inspiration behind a really useful web site called Camel Camel Camel. It automatically tracks the prices on Amazon, so you can buy when they're at their lowest. It's also a great way to see just how much prices fluctuate, in response to market conditions and special offers.

The picture here shows the recent price changes on the Belkin Insight Switch, for example. This lets you control electrical devices via an Amazon Echo, and with the huge recent popularity of the Echo it's not surprising that Belkin switches have increased in price.

The site lets you create price watches. So if there's something you're interested in buying, you can have the site keep an eye on price changes and alert you when they fall. Which, with Black Friday approaching at the end of this month, could be useful.

Check out the site at and, as they say on TV, see how much you could save. "Alexa, follow that camel!"

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Price Blink looks really good but when I looked for IE as a browser option it's not available. :-( On to Camel Camel Camel to see what's available there.

Or on to Firefox to see everything you've been missing there! Actually I've started using Waterfox, which is based off of Firefox code, but optimized for 64 bit.

I've used the PriceBlink add on for a couple years and it sounds like it does everything camel does and maybe more. It tells you where other stores prices are and also gives links to them.

I am/buy relatively often on Amazon. Installed the extension in my Firefox.
What I miss is that there are no links available from the graph to see what retailer had (a) low price(s).

There is also a Firefox extension for Camel which allows you to display the price history chart while you're on the Amazon page for the product. Been using it for the last year or two and I would now be lost without it. It's also fascinating to see just how much and how frequently prices for certain products fluctuate.