Got A Mac? Want A $50 Video Converter For Free?


I've written about Digiarty's video converter programs before.  Normally when they're holding a special offer and giving away free copies of their software.  The company is currently holding just such a giveaway, but this time it's for the Mac version.  

MacX Mobile Video Converter lets you convert your video files and DVDs into something that you can play on your iPhone, iPad, Android device or just about any other platform.  The programs itself, as I already mentioned, runs on a Mac rather than under Windows, so this offer will only be of use to you if you have a Mac.

MacX Mobile Video Converter normally costs $49.95, but the company is offering 40,000 free licences between now and April 10th.  As I write this, there are around 37,000 free copies left, so why not head to and grab one for yourself?

Just click the Get It Free button on the page to download the zip file installer.  It's a 20 MB download, and malware-free according to VirusTotal.  I don't use a Mac, so I haven't tested this program, but Digiarty's products are generally useful and reliable.

When you download the zip file, you'll find the serial number and the .dmg installer inside.




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Is this just the trial version? I shared this with a few of my Mac Users and they told me it only converts first 5 mins and is a trial (not a full version).
Can anyone else confirm? Thanks.