Got a Gmail Account? Want A Free Non-Technical IT Security Course?


SecuritySmartOne of the projects I'm involved with when I'm not writing this column is IT security awareness training provided by a company for staff internally and within other companies. It teaches them how not to become a target for ransomware, for example, and the benefits of installing Windows patches in a timely manner. In all, there are more than 100 lessons, each delivered by email once a week.

If you have a Gmail account (specifically an email address that ends with then you can subscribe to the service for free. It helps me beta-test the system, and will provide you with a regular weekly IT security tip. There's even a multiple-choice question at the end of each weekly email, which you answer with a single click. If you don't get the answer right, an automatic follow-up email will tell you where you went wrong. Feel free to test the system by answering incorrectly if you want!

To sign up just visit and enter your email address. As mentioned, it needs to end with in order to be recognised as qualifying for the free service.

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Doesn't recognise my company name ,will not register my gmail account