Got A Chromecast? Cast Your Browser And Videos Easily.


I'm not a huge fan of gadgets.  I like my technology to have a real purpose, and I rarely buy things on impulse.  But I made an exception for the Google Chromecast because it was cheap (around $40) and tiny, and seemed like it might be quite fun to play with.  And my hunch turned out to be correct.

Chromecast is a small device, about the size of a chunky memory stick, which contains not a USB connector but an HDMI one.  Plug it into the back of your television or monitor, and it connects to your wifi network.  Download the Chromecast app to your phone, tablet or laptop, and you can now stream compatible audio and video to your TV.  Your smartphone or tablet, along with the Chromecast app and something like Youtube, now has a real purpose in life.

You can also stream (or cast, as Google calls it) the content of your web browser to a Chromecast device, direct from your Windows desktop or laptop.  There's a free browser extension for Chrome which adds the all-too-familiar Chromecast icon (see below) to your browser, ready to click whenever you like.  Just make sure you're not browsing anything confidential when you click it, though!

There's also a relatively new Chrome add-in which lets you cast any of the videos from your PC directly to your device.  So if you have a collection of home movies on your computer in digital format, you can now cast them to your TV.  

From your Chrome browser, head to to get started.  This will download the video caster add-in.  And if you don't have the standard Chromecast extension, it'll download that for you too.  Then you'll be all set to enjoy using your Chromecast from your PC.



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I was at a friend's, today, and he has a Chromecast. We were discussing a YouTube video, and I brought it up on my phone. He switched the TV over, and two taps later, the video was playing on his TV.

Here at home, I don't have a Chromecast, but my Tivos work the same way. I can easily send a YouTube video to either of them.

You can also use the Chrome Extension, Google Cast (Beta,)to mirror all content, not just a browser, to your big screen TV. The only problem is the slight lag time.

Slightly confused - "Plug it into the back of your PC or monitor...."? I thought it plugged into the back of the tv.........

I'd love to be able to cast movies from my phone to my monitor, is there a way to do that using chromecast? My phone only has a micro usb socket.

It doesn't plug into your phone. It plugs into your TV.

Boris wants to cast from phone to monitor. If the monitor has an HDMI input I can see it working.

Been looking for a way to send content from an Android phone to Chromecast. The answer is 'ES File Explorer'. This is a popular Android file manager. The ability to send media files to Chromecast is an added bonus.

Besides Videostream, Plex Media Server can also link to Chromecast. Unfortunately for me I can't connect with either of these two. Something blocks my network connection with both apps. Tried all of the usual methods to solve this, with no luck - set up rules in antivirus, static IP etc etc.

If technology works smoothly, it's excellent. If not; big headaches - especially where networking is concerned :-)

Probably a problem with your firewall.

Love my Google Chrome. Been using it for over a year now and other than the obvious uses like Netflix, Google Play etc I find I use it most to turn my fancy Home Theather Surround sound into a wireless bluetooth audio system using Sonza (my Fav), Pandora or other chrome cast enabled apps.

The only bummer is that it won't work on most hotel wifi systems so unless you bring your own portable Wifi Hotspot that both your phone and the chrome cast dongle can connect with basic wifi connection your out of luck.