Google’s Earth View Gallery Adds 1,000 Stunning Images


Google Earth View Gallery

Google has added 1,000 more stunning and high resolution images to its Earth View Gallery.

Earth View is a collection of the planet’s most spectacular landscapes from space found on Google Earth. The newest group of images are optimized for high resolution screens (up to 4K) and make striking wallpapers. The latest addition brings the amount of eye-catching images to 2,500.

Browsing the gallery has the usual options. Use the forward and back arrows to change images and the download icon to download the current image.
New to the gallery is a color map to help you find Earth View images by color or location around the globe:
Earth View Map

A Chrome extension displays a new Earth View image every time a new tab is opened and can be download from the Chrome Web store:
Earth View from Google Earth

The Google blog post has more details about the process and people:
1,000 of the most stunning landscapes in Google Earth

See all the new image added to the Earth View Gallery here:

Visit Google’s Earth Gallery


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Some of these images look odd. It may be that we're used to seeing the sun acting in a different direction, and the shadows can make ridges look like valleys and vice versa.
If that's the case, you can rotate the display, but make sure you know how to restore it before you do so!
You might like to make a note ON PAPER of the following:
Using the arrow keys on the numeric keypad (4 is left, 8 is up, 6 is right and 2 is down),
Normal orientation: Ctrl+Alt+8 (i.e. original top is at the top)
Upside down: Ctrl+Alt+2
Top to the left: Ctrl+Alt+4
Top to the right: Ctrl+Alt+6

I haven't run across any that looked odd to me, but the images were photographed from space.

Thank you for the tip on rotating the display. :)