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In this week at the end of April 2014, Google launched new mobile apps for both Google Docs and Google Sheets, separate from the existing Google Drive app. Both apps are now available for a free install from Google Play for your Android device and from the App Store for your iPhone or iPad.

For some time we have been able to view, create or edit Google documents and spreadsheets using the Drive app, but these standalone apps get us straight to the type of documents we intend to work on.

Need a document? go to the Docs app and it lists only Google documents you already have; need a spreadsheet? go to the Sheets app and it allows you to browse and edit only spreadsheets without mixing up with other types of documents. You can also create, view and edit files without an Internet connection.

These standalone apps do have a Google Drive button on the sidebar. Tapping this button opens up your Google Drive app for you to access all other documents that you've stored in the cloud using the service. If you don't have the Drive app already installed on your device, the standalone apps will prompt you to install it.

Similarly, when you want to edit or create a new document or spreadsheet using a new version of the Drive app, it will prompt you to install Google Docs or Sheets app respectively if it has not been available on your device.

The third app, Google Slides, is known to be released in the near future.

This approach seems more streamlined to me as it tidies things up. You do not need to go to the Google Drive app to create a new file and it asks you further if you want to add a document or a spreadsheet. Right from your homescreen, just tap the Docs or Sheets icon to work only with the file type you need.

The features of Google Docs and Sheets are pretty basic. If you need an office app with even more powerful editing tools, try also Quickoffice reviewed previously in the Free Mobile App of the Week.


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Size: 41.7 MB


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