Google Is Changing Where Ads Appear In Google Search


Google Search is changing where Google Ads are displayed - instead of being on the right hand side of the search results page, ads will be appearing at the top and bottom of the page.
Google states that "... the layout is able to provide more relevant results for people searching and better performance for advertisers." The change is global, that is, it will appear in all languages that Google Search supports.

Google is removing ads from the right-hand side of search results

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Try the SeaMonkey Suite instead!

The search box built into the browser's button bar has 4 default search engines (And you can add many many more): DuckDuckGo / Google / Yahoo! / and WikiPedia. I used the Google engine all the time: but I'm switching to DuckDuckGo for my default search engine now.

(Click) Switching default search engines just took me 3 seconds - I now use DuckDuckGo! Select the default engine from the search box itself. Oh, Yeah: those extensions that Firefox is killing off .... SeaMonkey STILL Supports them!!!


(I’m SURE Mozilla is embarrassed by the fact the SeaMonkey Suite still looks and acts like the original Netscape Communicator Suite but uses modern Firefox code/themes/Plug-Ins/and extensions under the hood. There are no links to SeaMonkey anywhere on Mozilla's site! It's Mozilla's rebellious unwanted stepchild with better features than [even] Chrome! )

Check out the built in Data Manager. EVERY browser should have ALL of the data in one spot - like this - rather than having to crawl all over a bunch of tabs, in the options, to find all these settings. The best browser no one knows about.

Firefox is able to add search engines in a similar way, it has a good selection of search engines that come with it, including DuckDuckGo. You can add search engines as well, any site that has a green + sign in the search bar can be added by clicking on the + sign. I've added Pixabay and a few others that way. DuckDuckGo is also available as an add-on/extension for most browsers. :)

why does not using adblock solve the problem?

In this instance, ads aren't being presented as a problem - many people are interested in what kinds of things Google is doing whether they use Google products or not, or use ad blockers or not. I rarely use Google Search and have ads blocked there when I do, but the fact that they are re-arranging how ads appear is interesting. I'd also like to thank all of our site visitors who white list or unblock Gizmo's Freeware so that ads are visible here. Other than small donations, our only source of income is the ads you see here. The Gizmo's crew are all volunteers so none of us are being paid, but there are server and other costs associated with keeping the site running, and as much traffic as we get, those costs are not inexpensive. So again, a big thank you!

Had no toolbar, just the Google Search box in the center of the start page in Safari browser. Couldn't change the top three which was preloaded as search engines. Could only pick one of those, Google, Bing, Yahoo. Have since uninstalled Safari.

Agree that DuckDuckGo is the best for me...have it installed and default on each browser. Thanx Rhiannon.

Ah, I see. In some browsers, like Firefox, you can change the startup page.......I usually set mine to open with a blank page. I haven't used Safari for some years since it's no longer being developed for Windows, I don't recall if you change that setting or not.

Have Google Search on one of my browsers but can't get rid of it...anyone know how?? Agree that Google, Bing, Yahoo search ads are only good for those corps, not for the users. Will have to check out proxy sites...never tried them as didn't know whether really needed or a lot of searches some days.

What exactly are you referring to when you say Google Search, and what browser is it on? All I'm aware of is the Google Toolbar, and I think it's only on Internet Explorer. Directions for uninstalling it are here:

DuckDuckGo is my favorite anonymous search engine by far - it aggregates results from Google and Bing and is a secure, anonymous search engine (albeit with an odd name):

StartPage is another anonynous search engine that's highly regarded, though I don't care for the interface and like the results from Duckduckgo better:


Just an FYI - is a proxy search site that passes your criteria to google and returns google's results...without all the ads and without google's privacy issues. I'm not sure where I first heard of startpage - I think it might have been here - but I've been using it not-quite-exclusively for a few years. I like it, and it's probably worth looking at if you're concerned about what google's doing with all your private info or you're fed up with the ads.

Please explain how changing the location of the ads will make my search results more relevant.

I haven't a clue about that, it's way above my pay grade. :) I rarely use Google Search. I much prefer as a search engine. The one Google product I do use on a regular basis is Gmail. It doesn't seem as likely to disappear as other Google services that have come and gone. ;-)

I'm sure there are many people who would be more than happy to tell Google where they can stick their ads. I've always liked the creative approach they've used with their logo though.

I've enjoyed the Google Doodles over the years.