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A handy tool to generate verification codes for enhancing security of your accounts.


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Simple and minimalist interface, works offline, complete with an internal clock to sync with Google servers.
No encrypted cloud backups.

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Google Authenticator is a tool for generating two-factor authentication (2FA) codes, known as 2-Step Verification codes in Google, on your mobile phone. It has a very simple and minimalist interface and works offline without a data connection.

The tool gives you a second layer of security for your Google account as well as other accounts from the providers that support 2FA. For each of the accounts added to Google Authenticator, it creates a 6-digit code to verify the account when you sign in.

To add a Google account to the Authenticator, you will need to scan a barcode given while you enable 2-Step Verification and set up an authenticator app for your Google account from the desktop.

To add accounts from other providers, you may need to refer to the respective sites but the steps are pretty similar.

After scanning, Google Authenticator adds your account to the list containing 6-digit codes for 2FA. The codes change every few seconds automatically by Google Authenticator. As an added feature, It allows you to adjust its internal clock to be in sync with Google servers.

Unlike Authy, Google Authenticator does not provide encrypted cloud backups of your tokens, so you might lose access to the codes if you lose your device.


  1. When you enable 2-Step Verification for a Google account, Google offers Google prompt by default. You may set up an authenticator app for a Google account to extend security.
  2. Get more details about Google 2-Step Verification here.

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