A rootkit detector and remover for experienced and technical users


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Pros & Cons:

Considered class-leading technology.
No help file, but information online. Not suitable for average users.

Our Review:

GMER is my top choice, besides RootRepeal, for all the experienced and technical users.

These are very popular applications, but it takes someone pretty knowledgeable about computer systems to be able to interpret the results. You can find a lot of documentation on both programs but if you are the type of person (like me) who likes to click the scan button and simply wait for the results, you would be better served with TDSSKiller.

For the average user I cannot recommend either of these as without comprehensive computer knowledge the results would be very hard to interpret. I even have a hard time understanding the data.

In my work I usually have no time to refer to the documentation and must move quickly to restore a computer to working condition. However, if a particularly difficult infection is present, these tools are invaluable because of the wealth of information. I prefer GMER as I find the initial scanning process easier to use and it had a better detection rate than RootRepeal.

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