Gmail Is Getting A New Web Design


Gmail logoIf you use Gmail, you can expect to see a new design and new features appearing in the coming weeks. Here's an early peek at the new design.

In an email to G Suite customers, Google said they've been working on a new design of Gmail's web interface and adding some new features. The changes will be rolled out to G Suite customers and then to those with personal email accounts in the next few months.

If you use Gmail Inbox, the changes won't be as noticeable. Some of the new changes include being able to access to Google services like Google Calendar and Google Keep from within Gmail,  and using Gmail offline without a stand alone app (offline support is slated for June 2018). The ability to "snooze" emails so that you can choose when they reappear in the Inbox and Smart Reply are also in the lineup, the ability to send expiring emails (similar to Protonmail) as well a choice of three layouts (default, compact and comfortable).

In some ways it looks like Google is bringing its web interface more in line with its mobile version and Inbox. It's unclear right now if Google will retain the ability to use themes in the Gmail web interface.

It's early days yet and this looks like a gradual rollout, but Google's I/O developer conference is in early May - Google will probably have more to say about the new design then.

The Verge originally obtained screenshots of the new design, and ArsTechnica has several detailed screenshots as well: redesign leaks, looks pretty incredible 

If you use Google Inbox you'll see some similarities. Head on over to take a look at the new design. In the coming weeks Google will launch an Early Adopter Program (EAP) for the new design, so expect more details as that rolls out.

Using a third party email program with Gmail

If you'd rather use stand alone, full featured email client with Gmail, Thunderbird is good free choice and is easily configured to work with Gmail. Thunderbird will automatically configure your Gmail account (using IMAP). You'll need to enable IMAP in your Gmail account first (easy to do) and you'll need your Gmail email and password. Details and step by step directions from Mozilla are here:
How to add your Gmail account to Thunderbird
(to enable Gmail to work with Thunderbird or another email program, you'll need to enable IMAP in your Gmail account. It's easy and there's a link to the directions in the article or you can you find them here.)

For our pick of the best free email programs you can use with Gmail or other IMAP or POP3 email accounts, see our Best Free Email Software category.

If you're comfortable changing IMAP settings in your email client and want to add a Gmail account, here's the IMAP settings for Gmail:
Use IMAP to check Gmail on other email clients
(your account name or user name is usually your complete gmail address: yourname [at] - if you don't add the @gmail after your user name the account won't configure properly.)


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