Gizmo's Independence is Under Threat: Please Help





Gizmo's Freeware is one of the few remaining software websites that doesn't charge for reviews, doesn't offer pay for listing services or bends over backwards to please advertisers and that's the way we want to keep it.

However we are currently under a lot of financial pressure to cater for the huge traffic demand we experience and improve the site to better meet our users' needs.

We could easily raise more money by being more blatantly commercial like other sites and charge vendors for favorable reviews etc but we don't want to go there. Instead we are running a once off campaign by asking our loyal and understanding users to contribute a small amount as a donation to site, one of the last few remaining sites that represents the original co-operative and uncommercial spirit of the internet.

So please help Gizmo's independent and fearless by donating just a few dollars now. Even a few dollars would help. This is something I've only asked once before and hopefully never again so please guys and gals, stand up and be counted at this time of need. To donate just click the button below. Every donation helps however small. 

You can donate using any major credit card, by bank transfer or from your PayPal account. For your security all processing is handled off-site using PayPal's high security servers, however you do not need a PayPal account to donate as they can process your credit card without any need for an account. No credit card or other sensitive information is held on our site. 

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I'm a bit confused. You state the donations are needed because of the huge traffic demand your experiencing but a quick check of Alexa analytics shows that the site traffic has actually been trending down the last 3 months. Perhaps you meant to say that the current servers are outdated and need replacing. I think more people would be inclined to contribute if they had more specifics on what technical or site upgrades were planned.

Alexa doesn't normally measure the metrics used for web hosting charges. It normally shows page hits and unique and repeat visits but they aren't relevant to web hosting charges which are usually based on data storage space and data traffic.

The article doesn't specifically state that web hosting charges are a financial issue so we really don't know how the donations are intended to be used. Your contradicting yourself somewhat by saying page hits (site traffic) is irrelevant and then saying data traffic is relevant. The first certainly influences the second in most cases.

The article could be more specific but it is stated that the "huge traffic demand" and the need to "improve the site" are the sources of "financial pressure". Re the costs, I haven't asked Gizmo but we're probably using dedicated servers which would mean that costs are largely fixed.

Happy to donate. I come here often enough & enjoy the articles.

Thanks for trying to maintain a great site!


I will be donating, no problem with that as I've used you for many years now.
However there are some glaring errors in your listings that I wish could be addresses. For example, media monkey not listed in audio programs, yet it's one of the best programs out there paid for or free.
It's clear that some of the reviewers are biased or don't do their research properly on some categories.
Nevertheless it remains a good resource so my donation should help out quite a lot.

I've been using this brilliant site since 2001 when Gizmo distributed the superb Email advising on 46 best bits of s/w and I'll definitely make my first ever donation as this site is still easily the most uninfluenced and true site around. Thanks Gizmo you were and still are the best. (keep advertising out as this just starts the nasty influences happening) Cheers Rick

I once asked for this site to give me the full access to the site because I'm a disabled vet on a small monthly income. Needless to say they had no problem giving me full access and now that they are in need of help I will make sure to donate what I can on the 1st of next month. I've always relied on Gizmo's site for input and help and can find no reason not to give my support.

Got a snail mail address to send a check or cash to ?

I have no problem with including paid software on this site if it provides a fair comparison to the free alternatives and if it provides a "best of breed" but the main aim would be to recommend the free stuff that can be used instead of forking out for the commercial offerings.

I'm so grateful to you for your excellent and impartial software reviews.
I wish I could have given more but unfortunately I'm living on a pension.
I hope your more affluent followers can enable you to continue to help us mere mortals to get the best out of the internet.

Read it the first time and disagreed with those reasons. The only time reviewing commercial software on a freeware site would be acceptable is if the reviews were for comparison purposes.

There's nothing wrong with advertising as long as it does not distract, mislead or dominate a page, as so much of it does on many sites.
Having 'sponsors' of Gizmo's linked to a separate page and accessed from a link in the top menu bar would give your users a choice.

I doubt that asking for donations will be a one off event.

And yet you seem to think its ok to review paid for software on a site that is named Gizmo's freeware.

Get real! The choice is no review on paid VPNs, is that better and its not like many readers here do not need a paid VPN. 

Back to reality let face it, it costs money to run a site and there is nothing wrong with  the owners of the site asking for the readers who benefit to help.

I personally feel that over the years, almost all of us here have gotten much from this site, that is why we keep coming back. So I was pleased to help with a donation.

I also see nothing wrong with advertising as long as the articles are not affected by the advertising.

Another idea would be for Gizmo to sell memberships with some minor benefits for these people on this site, for those of us, working this would have an bonus  that we could claim some of the money we pay off tax.

My suggestion is consider doing what many organizations do and have the people responsible for collecting money being totally separate for the editors.

Guys, fix the Donate Link in your email that you sent out regarding donation requests. I was going to click it from within the email, but the link is not set up. Thanks. (Still donating. . .)