Gizmo's Exclusive: Get A Professional Video Editor For Free If You're Quick!


VSDC Video EditorVSDC Video Editor is a very capable Windows program for editing videos and adding effects. You can read about some of the very latest features in the most recent release at

A basic version of the program is available for free. There's also a Pro version, with support for loads more features and codecs, which costs $19.99 per year. However, I've just managed to obtain a special offer exclusively for Gizmo's readers (that's you!).

First, head to and download the Pro version. It's a 36 MB file and is malware-free according to VirusTotal. It's also a reputable site according to Web of Trust.

Now here's the good bit. Once you've installed the program, go to and enter your name and email address. You'll receive a licence key by return. Then just click on the Activate link within the program and enter the licence key.

This offer is worth $19.99 and gets you a year's free usage of the Pro version of VSDC Video Editor. But hurry, because the offer expires in 3 days. So you'll need to request your free licence key by Monday.

REMEMBER: For a year's free access to the Pro version, worth $19.99, you need to request your free licence key from by Monday May 22nd, 2017.

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That's one year of a program I didn't have before. One year to see if the program surpasses any freeware or previously purchased software, and/or is worth the going price when the year long trial is over - assuming I play around with it within a year (no video projects at the moment). The free version looks too bare to be of any value as far as evaluating the Pro version goes.

I have to agree with Bruce_Fraser. Yes you clearly stated the one year restriction in the article but not in the headline that leads to the article. There are so many time limited "giveaways" to be found. Many people don't want to go through the install process knowing after the time limit they will be left with a limited use program. No matter how good a program is there will be a need to uninstall it in the end.

Life is 'time limited' and our editors 'give away' quite a bit of theirs every week to bring stuff to the table they hope will be of interest. Presumably you have found something useful here over the years so the odd thanks for that would not go amiss along with the complaints about stuff you don't like. Can't even quess what I might be doing in a years time. :) MC – Site Manager.

Midnight Cowboy,
Point well put. It's gotta be gut-wrenching to put out the effort to research and write an article, just to have people dump on it.
However, I have made positive replies to some of Rob's other articles. And some where I asked a question. And some where I disagreed. I think my lesson here is to phrase negative comments less bluntly, and show appreciation.

Thank you for your response. :) MC - Site Manager.

I just registered with Gizmo and am looking for where I can go on the Video-editor-Pro website to request the license key. Thanks.

I wouldn't have bothered reading this page if the teaser link had said "free for one year." Calling it "free" without any qualifier is a bit misleading. This is basically an ad for a trial version of the product.

I clearly stated that you get a year free. It's not a trial version. It's a full year's subscription for free, which you'd otherwise have to pay $20 for, and which I arranged directly with the software vendors. If you still regularly use the product after a year, Bruce, let me know and I'll send you the $20. Is that fair enough?

I apologize for my critical attitude. You do a lot of selfless work, all for the benefit of total strangers around the world.
My problem is that I clicked on the link in the very first paragraph, without reading your article to the very end, which is where the mention of annual fee appears.