Gizmo’s Freeware is 84% Saved. Come on Guys and Gals, Help us Make it 100%

Thanks to the amazing generosity and support of our readers, our fundraiser has now raised almost all we need to keep Gizmo’s Freeware independent, non-commercial and free. A heartfelt thanks to all who have donated over the last 2 days.
We are now 84% towards our minimum target so if you haven’t yet donated could you please consider chipping in and get us across the line. 
Gizmo’s is one of the few remaining internet community websites that’s free and non-commercial. If you support that idea or simply think the information you get from Gizmo’s Freeware is useful then here’s a simple way you can ensure you keep the good info flowing.

You can donate now by clicking the Donate button below or clicking the following link:


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Did you receive the amount needed by now?

Gizmo's site has always been the first place I visit for freeware reviews, download links and general information so I'm happy to donate and whitelist.

Well, I was really hoping someone else would ask this question....but what was the minimum target amount and how was it decided upon?

I agree with Rick_S. If the current crisis in ad-related revenue is from the widespread use of ad-blockers, please let people know prominently how easy it is to make an exception (whitelist) for Gizmo's site. A few ads on one site is a small price to pay for helping out even while keeping most of your web browsing ad-free... (in Ad-block Plus, you simply click on the red "ABP" icon in the browser's toolbar row and click on the top line "enabled on this site" so that it changes to "disabled on this site".)

Yes that's a good idea Rick and we will make that happen. It can only be partly effective though as our regular users only make up less than half of our site visitors, the rest come from Google Search. We could put in a popup asking everyone who visits the site to whitelist us but I find these things an annoyance when I encounter them on a site I don't know. In the longer run we need a better funding model then relying on ads or asking our users for more donations. I'm going to ask our regular users for suggestions how we might do that. Their 100,000 brains is a lot more powerful than mine :) I'll post on this next week.

I will chip in in a couple of weeks, when my monthly check comes. I don't know if there are articles yet on changing whitelists for different ad block software, or fine-tuning cookies in browsers, but that might be good things to feature prominently.

I'll be chipping in next week.