A great service lets you create, discover and share GIFs on social channels.


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Easily create and share GIFs, rich and resourceful library.
Additional information of a GIF only available in the web version.

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Giphy is a capable app and service with a built-in GIF maker that allows you to combine multiple images into an animated GIF image, or trim your video into a GIF with captions or stickers. Trimming a video into a GIF is pretty fast but it is limited to a file size of 100 MB or a duration of not more than 15 seconds. Supported video formats include mp4, mov, mpg and m4v.

Open a free Giphy account, you can then upload your favorite GIFs to one easy-to-find place, with an option to save privately for your own use, or with another option to publish them for anyone to explore and share.

Now Giphy has already had a very huge collection of GIFs in its library. It is classified into several categories like reactions, actions, emotions, memes, tv, movies, music, trending and more for ease of browsing. You can also search for all GIFs with a keyword, tag or username to get closer to what you want.

After selecting a GIF, you can download it to your device, or share it directly with your friends via social channels such as Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, Instagram, Messenger, etc., provided from within the app or on the web.

The web version gives you additional information of a gif like the dimension, size and frames, but as of this writing, this additional information is not available in its mobile app version.


The Best Way to Search and Share GIFs on the Internet

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