The most advanced image editor for drawing and painting


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License: Free (Open source)

Pros & Cons:

Has lots of advanced features and can do almost everything the Photoshop can do; Extensible with many add-ons; Now allows all tool windows to dock within the main window.
Has a steep learning curve but will not be too hard if you have used any of the image editors in the mid-level or suites classes.

Our Review:

GIMP is the most advanced image editor for drawing and painting that you will get for free. It also runs on the most computer platforms.

Given its origins in Linux you will find quite a few features that don't work the Windows way. For example, I use Windows libraries and GIMP does not so I have to find my files the long way. It also defaults to a multi-windowed interface which makes it a little unusual for Windows but there is now an option to dock the tool windows within the main GIMP window.

It has a steeper learning curve than the previously reviewed editors largely because it has more features but the differences from Windows standards are also a factor. So if you are inexperienced at using image editing programs, then GIMP will likely be too overwhelming to start learning on. Instead try one of the more basic editors first.

Many of its photographic image editing features come from the use of plug-ins which provide access to many Photoshop 8bf filters.

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