The Gimp Isn't Just For Linux


Gimp image editorOne of the most fun things to do on your PC is to edit photos. At the very basic level, this means cropping an image or resizing it, or perhaps making it a little darker or lighter. If you're happy with such activity then Microsoft Paint, or the new Paint 3D that arrives with the Windows 10 Creators' Update, will suffice. But once you want to get more advanced, you'll need a proper image editor.

The best-known image editor for Windows is of course Adobe Photoshop, but it's very expensive. Thankfully there's something almost as good, which is completely free and is even open source. It's called The Gimp, which stands for the GNU Image Manipulation Program.

GNU is the name of a Unix-like operating system which was actually a forerunner of Linux. It stands for GNU's Not Unix. Because of this, a lot of people assume that the Gimp is inextricably linked to Linux. But that's not the case. A Windows version has been available for some years, and it's really good. The latest version was released just a few weeks ago.

If you want to try image editing on your PC and you can't justify Photoshop, give the Gimp a try. You'll find the download at and the file is 85 MB. The site is rated as reputable by Web of Trust, and the installer itself is malware-free according to Virus Total.

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I would recommend using thef Partha's build of Gimp. It adds the wonderful G'Mic plugin (http://www., somediffernt color schemes/toolbar icons, and support for google's Nik ( plugins :

It's at:

I use IrfanView for screenshots and basic clean-up. Gimp has been my go-to for years for detail work. Hard to believe it's free. Another nice thing: Don't know how to do something? Google it and the support for Gimp will be there

It's hard to use though. Also, try the free Paint.NET --