Ghost Commander


Ghost Commander

A lite, dual-panel open-source file manager with plug-ins for SMB and SFTP support.


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Get It: Android
License: Free (Open source)
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Categories: File Manager

Pros & Cons:

Stripped-down user interface with a two-panel mode and useful extra features.
Using some of the advanced functionality can be a bit messy, the configuration abilities are limited.

Our Review:

Ghost Commander has been around since 2009. Its main advantage is the two-panel navigation which, similarly to X-plore, allows me to work with two folders or SD cards at a time. On a rooted device Ghost Commander lets me navigate through the root file system. There are free plug-ins for SMB and SFTP support available from the Play Store which integrate rather well, FTP support comes built-in.

During the first start-up an info window appears, describing the basic file operations and all predefined hotkeys (which are a lot). This info window is available later by pressing the "Help" button on the bottom of the window. Each of the two panels has a default start page which allows quick access to most of Ghost Commander's functionality, including Favorites which allow me to set bookmarks on certain folders for quick access and managing installed applications. The Favorites add-in supports creating shortcuts on my home screen which could come in handy if I regularly need to have some folders one tap away.

The file manager's user interface is quite simple, it only features the panel switcher on the top and the customizable shortcut bar on the bottom side of the window. In portrait mode only one of the two panels is displayed and you can swipe between them, rotating the device to landscape mode makes Ghost Commander show both panels side-by-side. Each row is divided into two parts: Tapping a folder or file name selects it, tapping its icon (or double-tapping the name) opens it. By default, Ghost Commander is in multi-select mode so I can perform batch file operations easily. When I navigate through the root file system, the particular panel gets a bright red title bar. Nice!

The integrated Zip client works well and smooth. Ghost Commander also features a (very basic) image viewer and a text editor; no video player though. Both do what they are intended for, but don't expect too many features. Ghost Commander's settings allow a couple of neat tweaks, including a "finger friendly" mode which enlarges UI elements, setting interface colors and changing the default text editor. Ghost Commander can show thumbnail previews of image files in a folder, it does not fit their widths though so thumbnail previews look a bit cluttered. At least I could change the relative thumbnail size from the settings.

In summary, Ghost Commander seems to be a light but functional file manager with no major issues. Personally, I would want to have a more shiny GUI but that's a matter of taste.

Ghost Commander was reviewed by on based on version 1.50.1.