A Java-based personal finance manager


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Simple, clean, attractive, easy to navigate and use. Program supports 41 different installation languages and 11 GUI languages. A multitude of budget-transaction and report options; supports numerous editing and setting choices. Supports themes and patterns. Help File provides ample guidance on how to use the program.
The program must be run in Administrator Mode (for Vista OS and above); looks dated to new operating systems; no import from CSV file formats and export created tables to other file formats.

Our Review:

GFP is a rich and full-featured program. It has numerous transaction and report categories, and also supports numerous edit and option settings for each transaction and report.

The program is easy to use and understand and it offers a detailed Help Section that provides clear guidance. It has a gentle learning curve and is suitable for novices and professionals alike. It is based on the GNU open-source license model.

GFP supports 41 different installation languages, 11 GUI languages and 7 different GUI design/decor themes, along with 4 different layout/structure patterns.

On the downside, the program must be run in Administrator Mode (for Vista OS and above). The last release date of the program was on October 15, 2007, which makes it somewhat dated, especially with respect to newer operating systems, and future OSes. There is no support for importing data from CSV file formats, and no support for exporting created tables to other external file formats.

GFP is developed on Java so it runs on Windows, Mac and Linux with Java Runtime Environment installed in your OS.

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