Getting Bunches Of Privacy Policy Updates? Happy GDPR Day


GDPR imageIs every service, app or subscription you've signed up for is sending you a privacy policy update? Are privacy policy updates popping up on every site you visit? Here's why.

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a new European regulation taking effect today. My Inbox has been bombarded with privacy policy updates, asking me to opt in and if I don't, telling me my data will be anonymized as of today.
What is the GDPR and what do you need to know about it? This article (link below) explains it all clearly.

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is an update to privacy laws that have been in place in the EU for some time. It was created because companies are collecting your personal information and using it in various ways (Cambridge Analytica and Equifax are two examples in the US).
While the US doesn't have protection for personal data in place for individuals, the EU takes use of personal information without your consent seriously.

So why are you getting privacy policy updates if you live in the US? That's because most companies don't know which country you live in and are revising policies so they are in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).
It's much easier to roll out policy changes for everyone rather than on an indivdual basis.
Money is another factor. Fines for violating the GDPR can be stiff - up to €20 million or 4% of their worldwide annual turnover (whichever is greater). Many companies are also taking a look at how they handle personal data and revising policies. 

It's worth noting that many websites in the USA aren't prepared for the GDRP and are blocking users in Europe so they are no longer able to access content US based sites.

Blocking 500 Million Users Is Easier Than Complying With Europe’s New Rules:
GDPR Rules Prompt U.S. Websites to Block EU Users

This article outlines what is considered personal data and what the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and how it impacts people living in the USA. Worth a read.

What is the GDPR Privacy Law and Why Should You Care?


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We would never have known about the extent of Facebooks intrusion. We were just fortunate that an insider from Cambridge Analytica revealed the truth. We then found over 89 million accounts had been hacked, including Mark Zuckerbergs !
Keep discussing the truths and avoid being reassured that your data is safe. Do not trust tech companies, they do not have your best interests at heart.

Watch carefully as operating systems like Windows 10 try to connect you even more closely to Microsoft servers (aka the Cloud).
Microsoft are planning in a short time, to even link your Clipboard to their cloud ! Do not let them do this

It looks like it's going to be ongoing issue as long as some tech platforms consider their users as an income stream from collecting personal data in exchange for using the platform for free.

Microsoft - you can try either of these to cut back Microsoft's ability to collect data on you:

Get Blackbird - Windows privacy, security and performance

O&O ShutUp10: download free antispy tool for Windows 10

Thanks Rhiannon for informing us about the best utilities to protect Windows 10 users

Can we please have a specific section of TechSupportalert for these anti Windows 10 spying utilities ?

It will be very popular section

The more we can inform people of these safety utilities the better

Tech companies like Microsoft have all now joined the race to spy on our browsing habits, and gosh knows what else they want from our computers. I wouldnt put it past them wanting to know what ages are the people using the computer, and spying through our webcams. Cortana is probably sending our voice recordings back to Microsoft. Its all too much.
Microsoft etc will try and be a step ahead and will want to block these anti spying utilities. So we need to be a step ahead, and keep our eyes out to see which is the most effective and uptodate freeware solutions to this issue

That's a good suggestion. I'll pass it along to the site moderators. :)

Beware the argument, that because something is free, that the providers of a free service can violate your basic human rights to privacy and identity safety

Its like the public restrooms at the beach. None has a right to provide free restrooms - and then install peepholes in the walls, so that the public can be spied upon

That kind of activity is what created the need for the GDPR.

I've gotten emails from companies I haven't heard from in years, about 50 total as of a little while ago.

21 emails, and probably still counting. I mean, I haven't received Amazon's or Microsoft's yet...