Determine the size of folders and sub-folders on your hard drive


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Lots of options, quite fast.
No graphical display of space consumed.

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GetFoldersize adds a right click to the explorer context (and Xplorer2) to get folder size. Reports the number of files and sub-directories giving the size (bytes, KB, MB, or GB with or without two decimal display), percent, number of files and number of folders.

What to display is selectable by button presses on the main screen. The largest files can be display at the click of a button (displayed pagefile.sys). A file list for any directory is activated by a button click. The display is highly selectable, all by button clicks. These are the results for the drive: Used 121.25 GB (130,189,717,504), Free 158.20 GB (169,868,464,128). Cluster size 4.00 KB, and a Total 279.45 GB (300,058,181,632).

Nice program, but no nice visual display of space consumed on the drive. Files can be deleted from within. You can search for a folder name (not file name). Column width can be optimised for the display. Languages are German and English. And it took a minute or so to scan the drive, so it's not the fastest!

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