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My Data Request imageRequest your personal data from over 100 websites using this free website.

Getting your personal data can be relatively easy or hard to get. This website lets you request your personal data from websites like YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, PayPal, LinkedIn, Airbnb, Google Photos, Uber, Lyft, Snapchat, Instagram, Spotify, eBay, Dropbox, Messenger, Pinterest, Gmail, Etsy, and more from one place.

My Data Request is a one stop site where you can request your data from over 100 sites. They've read the company's privacy policy so you don't have to. Just click on a site (or use the search function) and a pop up appears with a link to the direct download data page for that website. Log in using your account to request your information. If there's no direct data page, a pop up page appears with details (and links where available) on how to get personal data or a template to use a guideline when an email, phone call or written request is required. Choose "I'm in the EU" or "I'm elsewhere" or "I'm in California" to get the correct data for your location. The "I'm in California" option appears on certain pages.

If you want to request your data from several websites or from a single site, My Data Request makes it easier.

My Data Request

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