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CodeLobster HTML editore windowWith so much of the web based on cloud-hosted content management systems nowadays, editing or creating a web page is often just a matter of logging into your site and changing things directly in your browser. But if you do any web development work, you'll need a program editor capable of handling standard formats such as HTML and CSS (style sheet) files.

Code Lobster, a well-known vendor of programs for programmers and techies, has just released a new version of its web IDE (integrated development environment). You can edit and debug HTML, JavaScript, PHP and CSS, and features such as syntax highlighting ensure that your code is as error-free as possible.

Although the product is commercial, the free version includes pretty much all the features that you'll need. Try it out yourself at

The download is 32 MB and it should work with all recent versions of Windows. You'll also need a licence key, which will be sent to you by email. The program is malware-free according to VirusTotal and Web of Trust.

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One thing would-be users should be aware of: Code Lobster is a nice editor, but last time I installed it, during the installation it grabbed the file associations for every text-based file type under the sun, including .txt files themselves, without giving me a choice or even a warning. I consider this exceedingly poor behavior on the part of any installation. I undid those associations and then wrote the company and told them as much.

Do not know if anything has changed since then -- version 5.5.