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Next time you need to write a long email message or some other document, or maybe a letter, try running the text past Hemingway before you send it.  Not Ernest, of course, but the free web-based text analysis tool that shares his name.

Hemingway checks your text, tells you what reading level it scores, and gives you tips on how to improve your writing.  In the example below, for example, it suggests changing "all of" to a simpler "all".  Not all of its suggestions are as sensible, but it's still a fun exercise, especially with the kids' homework maybe!

Hemingway is available as a desktop app, but the easiest way to use it is via the free web-based system.  Just go to and paste in some text from your PC, for instant feedback.




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Good for PR stuff. Dumbing down text from > 10 to < 5 does wonders for readability.

This is no good if you are writing at anything above a 10th grade level. Nice try nonetheless.

I can confirm what Philo stated. Go control-a then it highlights the writing, you can then delete that and put in your own text. Interestingly I pasted Rob Schifreen comments above and tested it. It missed the double "The the" completely

In fact, there is no desktop version. If you click the link, it's just a survey asking if you would be willing to pay $5 for the app when it's actually written.