Get A Second Opinion On Your PC's Security


McAfee antivirus scannerWhatever antivirus and security scanner you use, it's always good to be able to get a second opinion. However, you can't normally install more than one on-access scanner because they end up fighting over who will scan each file as it's accessed.

You can, though, use a portable non-installable scanner to run an occasional additional check on your PC to ensure that there are no instances of malware that your inbuilt scanner has missed.

One such program is Stinger, from McAfee. You'll find it at and it's a 15 MB download which works just fine on all recent versions of Windows including 10. It also claims to be able to decrypt certain types of ransomware, so keep the download link to hand in case you need it in the future.

Note that, when you run Stinger, it will only scan a small selection of the files on your disk. For a more thorough scan, use the menu to choose the entire disk before starting the operation. It'll take longer, of course, but is more useful.

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I tried downloading the file listed and it comes up showing that the file is corrupt. So I had to delete it. What is wrong with the download?

I heard that Stinger installs a service called 'McAfee Validation Trust
Protection Service' (mfevtps.exe) that is very hard to get rid of;
Is this still true? (or was it ever true?)