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This add-on for Chrome and Firefox searches several image tools by right clicking on an image and choosing image search engines.

If you do any amount of reverse image searching normally you go to your preferred image search engine, add the image, and have it look for matches. With this extension, all you need to do is right click the image, choose Image Search Options and choose one or all of the image search engines. The list of search engines can be customized by adding, removing, reordering and renaming image search engines. It makes looking for images faster and easier. It’s available for Chrome and Firefox, and it’s working fine in Edge Chromium and Brave.

Firefox users will have a better experience out of the box with this add-on. It has a more recent update and lists 11 search engines, while the Chrome version lists four. The Chrome version can be made to display the same or any other search engines as the Firefox version lists.

Search engines can be added in the extension options in the Chrome version (Menu > More Tools > Extensions > Image Search Options > Details > Extension Options).

I added Microsoft Bing Visual Search to the Chrome extension (it's included in the Firefox version). It’s not the most popular search engine but I’ve had surprisingly good results from it on a number of occasions.

A few notes about the add-on – some of the search engines return not particularly safe for work results, mostly the lesser known or anime engines. They can be removed in the extension options and any search engines you like can be added.

In using this add-on, I’ve run into a message now and again on TinEye, having to do with TinEye's issue with Google CAPTCHA. Reloading the page has worked to display results.

In the Firefox version, I had to add “All” so it would show up in the results, it’s there, it needs to be checked and have the changes applied (Menu > Add-ons > Extensions > Image Search Options > Three dot menu > Options).

All in all, a useful add-on if you need to track down images very often and the Chrome version can be made to list additional search engines with not much effort.

Image Search Options - Add-ons for Firefox
Image Search Options - Chrome Web Store

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Yes ! This works. It gave me the option of FOUR search engines. Google, Tin Eye, IQDB, and SauveNAO.

I'm happy you like it. You can add more image search sites in the extension options if you like.

Thanks! I will try this one out

I've been using it a lot and it's sped up the process of finding images quite a bit.