Get Ready For Final Round of Windows 10 Free Upgrade Offers


The Windows 10 Free Upgrade offer ends July 29th, 2016, and with the clock running out Microsoft wants to make sure you have the opportunity to upgrade. Brace yourself for one last flurry of full screen upgrade prompts.

Screenshot Final Windows 10 Upgrade prompts

The upgrade prompt will be appearing for users of Windows 7 with Service Pack 1, or if you're running Windows 8.1. (Update: It looks like Microsoft has released patches for Win7 customers who aren't using Win7 SP1, and for Win8 users who aren't running Win 8.1 will see the notice - more here.)
The full screen upgrade prompt comes with two options, "Notify me three more times" and "Do not notify me again". If you opt to be reminded later, the upgrade prompt will appear three days later, through the end of the upgrade offer on July 29, 2016.

The upgrade prompt won't appear if any of the following conditions are met:

  •     You have a recent version of the "Get Windows 10" app installed.
  •     You have selected the Do not notify me again option.
  •     Your computer is detected to be incompatible with Windows 10.
  •     You have previously uninstalled Windows 10 after you upgrade.
  •     Your Windows 10 installation failed and rolled back.
  •     You have hidden the "Get Windows 10" app notifications.
  •     You have disabled the Windows 10 upgrade by using a Windows 10 privacy tool that prevents automatic Windows 10 updates like Never10 or GWX Control Panel, or you have disabled the offers through registry key settings. If you've got one of these programs installed, you can still upgrade, visit the Microsoft 10 Windows Free Updgrade site, complete with download clock. :)

Windows 8.1 and Windows 7 SP1 end of free upgrade offer notification

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I've downloaded the upgrades for two machines, however I have not yet installed them. Do I need to install them before 7/29?

When you perform the upgrade of Windows 10 on your system, a unique ID based on the specifications of your system will be stored on Microsoft servers to identify that you have availed of the free offer. So, you will have to upgrade before July 29th.

Yes. If you don't want to run Windows 10 now, here's how to get your free upgrade and keep using your current Windows version - I recommend a complete system backup for doing this as all roll backs don't always go smoothly. If not a complete system backup, then definitely a back up of important files, folders, and documents.
Get Your Free Windows 10 Upgrade and Keep Using Your Current Windows Version

I'm just wondering if Microsoft will learn any important lessons from this whole experience. Aside from convincing people what a great alternative Linux might be, what did they really accomplish?

One thing, from their point of view, is that Windows 10 makes users more secure because Windows 10 delivers Windows updates automatically (unless you have Enterprise editions or some other means of controlling updates, such as setting your connection to metered, which won't work with all types of connections). According to Microsoft, users are at risk because they don't have recent security updates installed. I see their point, but the idea of forced updates disturbs me on a few levels. One, their track record isn't good, with updates repeatedly disabling and damaging computers over the years. Two, not everyone has the bandwidth allowance to accomodate gigabytes worth of forced updates. You can exert some control over when they are installed and when your computer restarts (and I recommend you change those settings or you can find yourself in the middle of an automatic restart due to a Windows update at a critical moment) but that's about it.

One of my friends, a computer repair shop manager, told me that Microsoft had not beefed up their servers to handle the end of July crush. So, troops, get your upgrade ASAP, don't get caught in rush hour traffic.

Good thought Jerry and thanks for mentioning that. When I woke up in the wee hours of morning today I had the same thought.......wondering if Microsoft had anticipated a last minute rush to download and if they had enough server capacity to handle it if there was one.

Thanks for the heads-up!

I installed the GWX Control Panel because I was tired of the constant prompts. Is there a way I can still get W 10 free?

Sure, go here for the download, complete with countdown clock: Thanks for bringing that up, I'll update the article. :)

Naomi, you can tell GWX Control Panel to allow the Windows 10 Upgrade
or you can go to and start the upgrade from the web site
or you can download the Media Creation Tool and upgrade from the bootable USB drive (or DVD) that you created with the Media Creation Tool.
If you have a current backup of your data files and your Windows product key I strongly recommend the third option because it gives you a clean install.

Thanks eikelein! The Media Creation Tool allows you to create an bootable image (USB or DVD) of Windows 10, very handy if you want to upgrade more than one machine or need to reinstall Windows down the road. All versions of Windows 10 are included in the download, it will detect which version you're running (Home, Pro, etc.) and install the same version. Or, as one of our readers did, do a clean install of Windows 10 and use the product key from a previous version of Windows to upgrade. Download the Media Creation Tool here. The link says "Download tool here: and is the second box down the page, under the "Upgrade" box.

Thanks so much!

you say "... for users of Windows 7 with Service Pack 1, or if you're running Windows 8.1."
That was my opinion as well and so far it was what Microsoft always said too.
But today I have witnessed for the second time since last week that Windows Update offered an upgrade to Win 10 on a Windows 8 system!
Last weeks upgrade went well; the result of today's I will see tomorrow morning.
A "secret", at least a not advertised about-face? Looks to me a lot like it.

You're right, I did some looking around and it seems Microsoft has released patch that will show the Upgrade screen for Win7 customers who aren't using Win7 SP1, and for Win8 users who aren't running Win 8.1. I added a comment to the article and a link where you can find out more but here's the link is from Woody Leonhard.

Anyone have any ideas on how to get a free upgrade on a valid XP system?

Biting the bullet and making the jump, or taking the dive, or whatever. Upgraded one of my systems that had Win7 and it seems to be okay and acceptable so far, so I might as well do it.


The free Windows 10 upgrade applies to Windows 7 SP1 & Windows 8.1 only.

Yup, I knew that! I guess that means I'm really looking for a free upgrade version to Win7 Pro 64 bit. Somehow.