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Serif Page Plus Starter EditionPage Plus, from Serif Software, is one of the best-known publishing products for Windows. Unlike a word processor, a publishing package helps you create page-based publications where the precise layout of every object on the page can be individually controlled. Use it for creating flyers, brochures, business cards, invitations, menus, book covers and so on.

In addition to the paid-for version, Serif also offers a starter edition of Page Plus which is completely free. It's a 226 MB download from and will work on all recent versions of Windows including 10.

The free version won't allow you to save your finished page as a PDF file, so if you're intending to get your work professionally printed then you may run into problems. But it will happily save your pages as image files in formats such as JPG, which you can then easily print yourself. Or you can upload them onto your web site, or send them to people as email.

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Thank you, Rob.

I do computer repair work & many of my clients are pensioners. What I keep finding is "MS Office Enterprise", which gets tagged as, "not legit" because some unscrupulous other local tech has installed it illegally. I favour Libre Office, Em-Client, & now have that last piece of the puzzle- a replacement for Publisher!


That the paid version is implied as free here is a little confusing as the description is of the fully functional version, then a blurb about the free version. The only link is for the limited function free version. Is there a free for a limited time offering or not?

Don't think there is an intended implication that the paid version is available for free, but I think you'll find the Starter Edition well worth a try.
Serif also has a free version of their DrawPlus program, but I find that one to be crippled beyond pointless.

Nice one Rob, Serif has had a good reputation for a long time afaik.

Be aware this requires a real email address, and you must create an account to get the download. Account doesn't require physical address or phone number, only name and password.
A product key appears on the download page, I assume it's necessary to unlock the product in some way.

All that went fine for me, downloading now as I write.

Been using the free version for years and still consider it the most useful freeware of all I've downloaded. For me, much easier to use than Scribus.
As stated by Fairportfan, you can simply use a virtual PDF printer to convert to PDF (and one is included with Win10). There is also a 5 page limit per document in the free version, but if you are converting to PDF, you can workaround that by merging docs with a free split and merge program like PDFsam.

I use the full version (PP X8). I dearly love it. I keep finding new ways to do things that i hadn't thought of.

The free version is pretty capable, too - i recommend it to anyone who wants really-good and high-quality DTP and doesn't want to spend money, or to anyone considering buying the full version.

As to PDFs with the free version - Foxit or other PDF printer software will take care of that.