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Nobody would like to watch an hour of video on mobile recording a bicycle ride or a family stroll in the park, but the footage can be enjoyable to share with your friends and family if it is turned into a few seconds or a few minutes of timelapse video.

A timelapse video tends to be shaky and uneven when you use a smartphone to record while walking, running or biking, but with help of a smart technology known as Microsoft Hyperlapse, you will be able to create smooth and stabilized timelapses from first-person videos.

Using this technology, Microsoft has offered a mobile app Hyperlapse Mobile for Windows Mobile and Android users and a desktop app Hyperlapse Pro for Windows and Mac OS users to create excellent timelapse videos.

The desktop app is a trial copy with complete features but, same as in the mobile version, it adds a watermark which is an end credit to the timelapse videos. To disable this watermark, you will need a license to activate the desktop version.

Hurry up, while Microsoft is sorting out unforeseen challenges acquiring a license key from the Microsoft Store, you can get a free license key for Hyperlapse Pro. Simply use the "Submit a request" feature at the top of the page here to contact Microsoft and they will provide you with a free license key while it is still available.

Microsoft HyperlapseMicrosoft Hyperlapse




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I have tried two different email address. No keys in either inbox or spam folders.

Yup! Not only is Jojo's tip a good one, but the offer and Jeff @ Microsoft are, indeed, legit... and quick: Made my request at 1:38 P.M. and a nice email containing the key was received precisely 22 minutes later.

The software ain't not too bad, neither.

@Jeff - any MS writing/grammar apps available?

You might try Poe or JustWrite, two distraction-free writing apps.

Jeffrey, that was my poor attempt at humor but, thanks, anyway. You're a gentleman & scholar.


I am the Community Manager for the Microsoft Hyperlapse Pro Team. Yes, this is legit.
I am happy to provide a free product key as discussed above, but I can only do so if you specifically request it. Some folks are sending one-word messages like "Great", or "Cool". Since I manage several software apps, this can be confusing and will result in several emails before you get your key. Please be specific (and maybe say "please", that's always nice) so I can save us both a lot of time.

Thank you!

-Jeff Greene

Thanks Jeff for your interaction. Registration details confirmed as being legit from Microsoft and not the Albanian Mafia. :) MC - Site Manager.

Your article lead to the request for a key as stated. And brought Hyperblast to my attention. Which I installed on my Windoz and Android phone. Thank you.