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Read great newsletters covering several areas, curated by smart people who are passionate about the topics and industries they cover. is an email only source of news and information for anyone who likes focused, hand picked news and information delivered to their Inbox. Bucking the current trend of having news and information driven by sites such as Facebook and Twitter, newsletters from are a refreshing change.

All newsletters are curated by real people who love the areas they write about, so the information is accurate, relevant and readable. Since all content is written by humans, you can hit reply and get a timely response from the folks at Inside, whether it's a correction, question, or comment.

There are 30+ newsletters covering several areas, with periodic additions. Recent versions of various newsletters are here so you can get an idea of the content and quality of writing.

Topics include the Daily Brief, Apple, Deals, Google and Alphabet, Amazon, Automotive, Wine, Beer, Retail, Space, Dev, IoT, Streaming, Cloud, Media, Drones, Social, VR & AR, Podcasting, Facebook and more.

Funding is through paid versions of the newsletters that offer more content, though I've been fine with the free versions since shortly after they started up. says their secret recipe is to hire smart news junkies who are truly passionate about the topics and industries they cover. They are right - it turns out that a bright human can distill, curate, and synthesize the news better than the fanciest software on earth.

If you see something of interest, give them a try. Unsubscribing is easy, although there's a good chance you'll like what you read. | Real news, curated by real humans

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Be careful when subscribing. It's possible to make a slip & get flooded with unwanted emails.

Would you please be a little more specific?

When I sign up for a newsletter, I choose the topic, input my email, and am taken to a screen page that says thanks for subscribing, and shows a share/tell a friend box. Under that is a list of available newsletters.
The ones I'm subscribed to have a yellow checkmark under the title.
You can subscribe to any of the listed newsletters, but you have to check a box under the name of the newsletter you want to receive (either email or SMS) and then choose 'Save subscriptions' at the bottom. After that I see a screen that says
Settings saved!
You are now subscribed to the selected lists below.

Is this similar to what you experienced, or did you have a different experience? If it's different I'll be happy to look into it and make any needed corrections.