Get Microsoft's Web Designer Suite For Free


A couple of years ago, Microsoft stopped selling its Expression Web product and made it freeware.  Expression Web was the company's answer to market-leading products such as Dreamweaver and, while relatively successful, didn't take the market by storm.  It was, though, a powerful product that was a great way to edit HTML, CSS, and all the other aspects of modern web pages.

I first wrote about Expression Web's move to freeware back in 2013 but yesterday's posting about Visual Studio Community prompted site reader Eli to suggest I mention it again.  So, if you've downloaded Visual Studio and you've got the software development bug, or you just want to try your hand creating web pages, point your browser at to download the product.

It's a 98 MB download and is malware-free according to Web of Trust.  Note that the product is definitely free, despite the fact that the downloaded filename mentions the word "trial".


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