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4K Wallpapers

This list Wallpaper of the Week features many stunning and beautiful wallpapers unearthed by our volunteer editor Rhiannon, with great and brief descriptions of her curated wallpapers.

The wallpapers come in a wide range of image resolutions not only good on desktop but also mobile screens. Go to the links given in the list and download the ones you love and suit your device.

If you need more, get this Android app 4K Wallpapers. It gives you a large collection of more than 10,000 high definition (4k ultra HD or full HD) wallpapers. Most wallpapers are top quality with new and unique ones added everyday.

The best thing is that this app only displays wallpapers adapted to the size of your device screen. Moreover, it is also a wallpaper changer by itself. Run the app and select the wallpapers you like, tap Save to download to a default folder. You can then double-tap the homescreen to see next wallpapers, or set a time interval to change the wallpaper automatically for you.

The app is free to use with some ads, but fret not, it has no ads appearing when changing wallpapers is in action. The features, like blur intensity and darkening wallpapers for better contrast and readability of icons, are available for free too.

You need to give this one a look if you like to get more images that are high quality and adapted to your device.

4K Wallpapers4K Wallpapers




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