Get the iPhone X's New Ringtone on Your Android or Older iPhone


Get the iPhone X ringtoneThe ringtone that ships with Apple's new iPhone X is a nice variation of the marimba ringtone used in previous iPhones. If you'd like to get it on your Android phone or an older iPhone, here's how.

There are two steps involved in the process, downloading the ringtone and transferring it to your Android or iPhone. Lifehacker has uploaded the ringtone in M4R format so you can easily download it.
Grab the file here: Reflection.m4r (download will start automatically)

If you're using an Android phone, download the file to your phone or Windows computer. If you download the file to a Windows machine, use a USB cable or other method to transfer the file to the Ringtones folder on your phone. Android should offer to convert the file so it can be played on your phone - let it convert the file to use it. After that it will show up in your Ringtone folder with all the other ringtones on your device.

If you're on an older iPhone, you'll need to use iTunes to use the ringtone. Full directions for getting the ringtone iPhones using a Mac or Windows computer are in this Lifehacker article.
Either way it's a short process and you'll have a new ringtone to add to your collection.

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The Apple iPhone uses the .m4r extension as ringtones for MPEG-4 audio (.m4a) files. After downloading Reflection.m4r, I renamed the extension to .m4a then copied the file over to my Android device. It works and plays nicely without the need to do any conversion.

Excellent, thanks Jojo!

For some Android phones you might need to convert it to mp3 or ogg format, use VLC to do that. That's what I had to do in my Huawei phone.

Thanks for the tip. :)