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Battery Doctor

Android system has several features built-in to reduce battery consumption and extend battery life. Two prominent power-saving features are Doze and App Standby modes.

The Doze mode reduces CPU speed when the screen is off, while the App Standby mode restricts apps from running in the background and defers their activities. These apply when a device is unplugged and stationary for a period of time.

Apart from the system features, there are also ways you can do to prevent a battery drain such as reduce the brightness of the screen, turn off GPS, Bluetooth and other services when they are not in use.

Other than that, you can also try this widely used battery saver app Battery Doctor to ease the ways to minimize battery usage. It lets you optimize battery usage with various handy tools put together, besides giving you a good picture of battery details like charging history, health status, temperature, remaining power by usage and more.

Battery DoctorBattery Doctor




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