Get A Free Update To Your DVD Copy Pro


DVD CopyProHalloween is almost upon us, so Digiarty is running another special offer on its DVD Copy Pro application. This is a Windows program which can copy DVD movies onto your portable device so that you can watch your paid-for media when you're out and about.

The program normally costs $67.95 but is currently discounted to $39.95. But until November 3rd, it's totally free to download. Just go to and follow the link. You'll need to provide your email address, at which point the download link and your licence code will be sent to you straight away.

The download is 17 MB and is rated as reputable and malware-free by Web of Trust and VirusTotal respectively.

If you've never taken advantage of Digiarty's offer before, now's your chance. If you have, then this is your opportunity to update your software to the latest version (as the free offers don't include updates).

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Using either a disroot or hotmail address, via chrome, epic and firefox: 'an error occurred. Please try again'

Everyone should know it's a 6 months licence only.

Where does it say only six months license?

This would be a change from all previous WinX giveaways, and these offers tend to come by a few times a year anyway.

On starting my copy of the program up from a September giveaway it just says "Licensed Copy"