Get A Fascinating Analytics Overview Of Your Gmail Mailbox


Gmail MeterDo you use Gmail? If so, check out a clever little online tool called Gmail Meter. It analyzes the contents of your mailbox and produces a full analytics report about how many emails you receive, how many you send, the days of the week that you send and receive most mail, and so on. It'll provide some interesting insight into just how much mail you receive and send.

Note that it doesn't analyze mail that has been trashed or deleted. So if you're the sort of person who keeps a clean mailbox and continually strives for "inbox zero" then this tool may not be for you. But if you tend to archive mail rather than delete it, and you have loads of old messages on file, then the stats will be much more relevant.

You'll find Gmail Meter at and it's currently free to use.





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Is this site seriously promoting giving a third party full access to our entire gmail emails?? Well that just doesn't seem prudent....

Did you not bother going to the link published? MC - Site Manager.
"We cannot send out any emails from your Google account, nor can we make any changes to your Google account.
While the authorization grants us read-only access to your emails, the Product can only process the headers of your emails (specifically the To:, From:, CC:, and BCC: fields, along with subject lines and timestamps) and not the content, body, or attachments of any of your emails."