Get A Dark Theme For Google Chrome


Chrome Dark ThemeChange the bright white colors of Google Chrome to a dark theme.

While Google Chrome's default white theme is good for many, a dark theme can be useful for anyone with vision issues, eyes made tired by bright screens, or anyone concerned with sleep disturbances associated with using light screens, especially before going to sleep.

Deluminate for Chrome is an extension that doesn't just change the Chrome interface, it inverts web pages to display dark without changing the colors substantially. Images retain their contrast so there's no "high contrast" appearance. I noticed a slight slow down while using Deluminate and text display isn't as clear, in particular in search engine results. You might have trouble with screenshot extensions (Fireshot and Lightshot worked fine, Nimbus removed the dark theme) but overall, if you're looking for something dark and restful for your eyes when using Chrome, give Deluminate a try.

Deluminate for Google Chrome

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Concerning relieving stress on the eyes of course there is also the *excellent* program f.lux - which I am sure many of Gizmo's readers know...

I have been using Dark Reader for the last month and do like it. You can filter how light/dark, even choose between contrast/brightness, sepia and grayscale. Also notice a bit of a slowdown but worth it to save my eyes. Get migraines and those white screens played havoc with my eyes, causing headaches...had to cut down my Internet time.

Just checked the extension and found quite a few unhappy people. Seems there are some problems with the last Chrome update. You may want to wait until that's resolved.

NoSquint is very good.
Another somewhat related is Clearly - esp. for texts where you can set the standard background and text color to a darker theme - and the screen is "cleared up" at the same time.

I find the NO SQUINT extention to be very useful. it offers a color palette for setting background themes plus you can also adjust zoom settings for both page and text.

NoSquint looks great, but it is not open source like Deluminate. You're giving a lot of permission to the extension (to view ALL your websites and data) without knowing what's going on behind the scenes. It doesn't mean that developer is doing any nefarious, but it is something to keep in mind.

NoSquint is a an excellent addition. :)