Get An Android Paid-For Weather App Free If You Hurry [Expired]


Weatherlive Android appI rarely write about non-Windows programs on these pages, but I reckon it's time for an exception to the rule. So here's news of a neat weather app for Android that shows you the current weather and forecast in your location. It looks nice, works really well, and the $2 price is reduce to zero for the next 4 days.

Just go to your Play Store and search for Weather Live. Or go to on your PC and you should be able to install it to your phone from there.








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while free is usually good, when the forecast is so wrong the app is useless makes it not so good. I had downloaded the app previously but did not remember why I uninstalled it. now I remember.

Thanx anyway...keep up the great work!

I agree, it shows the wrong temp....Not sure how that can be but it does..


Cool find, THANK YOU!

Following your advice I installed this app.
Excellent. The best I have used.
Thanks and regards

I just installed it.
It knows where I am (Melbourne Australia), but it tells me it is 14c whereas it is really 20c
The other free app that I have is weatherzone

That's a weather app,

Thanks for making an exception to the rule!
Very nice app indeed.
Think i'm going to like it even more than the Accuweather paid version.