Get Adobe Flash Without GetPlus in Firefox


Flash was discontinued by Adobe at the end of 2020

Step by step on how to prevent GetPlus being installed with Flash.

With all the news about vulnerabilities in Adobe's Flash Player, I decided to update to the latest version of Flash.
Off I went to the official Adobe Flash plugin download site. I went through the usual hoops; uncheck the box that wanted me to install McAfee etc. The actual Flash download contained GetPlus. Huh? I didn't ask for GetPlus. I wanted the updated Flash Player and nothing else thank you very much.
Not having any luck there getting something that didn't include GetPlus, I looked to see if it could be downloaded somewhere else, minus GetPlus. I found it at CNET, and FileHippo .
After going through all that and feeling pretty annoyed with Adobe, I came across an article that outlines how to download Flash from the Adobe site and not get stuck with anything else, and even better, how to remove GetPlus if you already downloaded and installed Flash with GetPlus.
(IE versions here: *CNET and FileHippo.)
*Warning: Downloads from Cnet ( require the use of a proprietary installer.
Get Adobe Flash and Reader without GetPlus in Firefox















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Here are the webpages containing the links for the clean offline installers for Flash Player, and its uninstaller.

Both the exe and the msi are clean, without any bundled software.

We keep sharing the links in the forum:

Thanks  Anupam!

Thanks Rhi but I check Corrine's Security Garden blog for direct links to the various latest Flash versions and their uninstaller, saves messing around:

I haven't seen that site before, I'll check it out. I usually grab mine from File Hippo.

It's 'only' a blog, no files hosted, just direct links to clean downloads and details of updates for browsers, MS/Windows updates, etc.

Security is Corrine's speciality, it's worth checking whenever an update is due, bookmark it :)

Only a blog? :) I know many excellent sites that could be called only a blog. <g>