Get A 350-Page Ebook About Containers And Docker For Free


DockerIf you're a technical kind of person you've probably heard about a new type of server virtualization technology called containers, and a software system called Docker. If not, and you really don't want to know any more, then you can stop reading now.

But if containers in general, and Docker in particular, are of interest to you then here's a way to get a complete 350-page book all about it. The book is even mostly about Windows rather than Linux.

You can get the book as a 7 MB PDF file. Just point your web browser at and follow the instructions.




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"Just point your web browser at [link] and follow the instructions." With TradePub, the instructions always require your work e-mail address, company name, and job title. If you don't have those things, e.g., if you are a student or are retired, you won't get the book. Also, even if you do have a job, that's no guarantee you will get the book. TradePub only gives out its freebies to people in its target markets.

Hi Rob,
Another interesting find. I read a few sites which describe containers, and Docker in particular. Sounds like a Virtual Machine on steroids. Way over my head, for sure.