Get A 288-Page Book About Windows 10 For Free


Windows 10 book imageWhether you're still getting to grips with Windows 10, or you're an experienced user, there will be something of use for you in a great book called "The Great Guide to Windows 10". It's written by Annabel Jacobs and runs to some 288 pages. It's available on Amazon and, if you want it in Kindle format, it's currently free.

If you have a Kindle, then you can obviously download it to your device straight away. If you don't have a Kindle, you can still install the Kindle app on your tablet, phone or PC and download it to there. Or, just let Amazon save it to your Kindle cloud area to read in your browser.

You'll find the Great Guide to Windows 10 at although, if you're not based in the US, you'll be redirected to your local Amazon site when you try to download it. Which will still work just fine.

My thanks to David Goldfield for the useful tip-off.

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Redirected to local Amazon site and tried to download but it is not free here.

Thanks for all you do Rob, but this one is probably a dud.

Annabel Jacobs books:
A Short Guide to a Happy Marriage: Know the Secret to a Fulfilling Relationship, Secrets to Have a Long Lasting Marriage.
Embrace the New Healthy You with Paleo Diet.
Windows 10: Great Guide To Windows 10.
So I guess she's not an experienced or respected tech writer!

I looked thru the 'look inside' feature on Amazon, looking specifically to see if two topics were covered:
1. The security changes one should make in settings, immediately after installation;
2. The problems with unsolicited driver updates and program uninstalls.
Neither topic is mentioned in the detailed ToC afaics.

My guess is this is another of the many "authors" who "write a book" on a popular topic and hope to make a few bucks for nothing. I wouldn't get it as a present for a beginner, because who knows what else is missing from the subject matter.

There are 2 Kindle buying options. One is the usual Amazon buy. The other is for "Kindle Unlimited", which is a Netflix for Kindle, ie monthly sub gets you all the Kindle books you want. If anyone still wants this product, the former option is what you want, since the buy price is currently $0.00.

I don't see where you can get this book free. The only place I found the book is on the Amazon site and they require one to register for $9.99/month to get books, some of which are free to download. I don't consider having to pay a monthly fee to get a 'free' book as getting a free book.

Found it. You click on buy 1-click and credit card is charged$0.00.
It appears it is "free" only if you pay Amazon $10/month?? Am I missing a secret hidden button somewhere?

It did occur to me that I had to actually place an order by clicking 1-click to get the book for free. I was looking at the link under the button that says "Kindle". That link says "subscribers read for free". When I go there I see the sign up requirement. Anyhow, at your suggestion, I went to 1-click and now the book is on my cloud for free. I'm not sure what I'm going to do from here (probably give up), since I really want the book on my iPad and haven't figured out how to get the entire book on it; all I have at the moment is a free sample. I can download the book, but have to pay for it.

Maybe I'm suppose to know who Annabel Jacobs is but I don't. The guide would be worth looking at provided she wasn't employed by Microsoft.