Get This 170-page Windows 7 E-Book For Free


A couple of weeks ago I told you about a great free e-book of photography tips.  It proved hugely popular, so here's another free e-book that you can download and add to your digital library.

The Windows 7 Power User's Guide is a 170-page book that does what it says.  There are 16 chapters, covering everything you might want to know about making the most of Windows 7.  Whether you're already using Microsoft's latest OS, or you're thinking of switching, this book is definitely worth having.

You can read more about it at the author's home page, at, where you'll also find a download link.  (Note: the link to has been updated and verified to work)

If you're downloading this book, PLEASE be sure to use the first of the 2 download links on the above page, which goes to a commercial online book store.  If you download from his personal web site, there's a chance that we'll overload his server.

Also, note that the PDF file is some 24 MB.  So it'll take a while to appear in your browser once you've clicked the link.  When the file is displayed, you can then right-click in your browser to save the PDF file to your PC.




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Thank you for help for get book ,Is very interesting for I will get is book and read it .Thank you so much