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Security engineering bookProfessor Ross Anderson from the University of Cambridge in the UK is one of the world's leading authorities on security. And we're not just talking IT and computers, but also the security of everything from railway stations to nuclear power plants.

Four years ago, he published an amazing book about all this, which runs to over 1000 pages. Now, it's available as a free download. And it's a fascinating read.

To get a copy, just head to to download any or all chapters as PDF files.





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There is a free program, that is very good at PDF Tasks

I just tested the free version with the 30'ish individual PDFs, and it merged them into a single PDF file.
You use the File Menu's Merge option, and click Add, then navigate to a folder containing all the individual PDFs. Select all, and choose Open.
You can then move individual files up and down to get the correct order.
Then click the Process button.

I cannot fault the output

Actually, if you click the link it plainly says "All chapters from the second edition now available free online!" The First Edition is also available on that page.

This PDF is for the FIRST EDITION and the download for the 2nd Edition will be available in 5 years. No matter, the First Edition and the errata for it is a worthwhile download for the vast information contained therein.

Reading comprehension.
"NEW All chapters from the second edition now available free online!"

If you don't scroll down too impatiently, you get the 2008 SECOND edition PDFs. The only thing that is provided only of the 1st ed is the monolithic PDF of the whole book.